Technical Due Diligence

Nomads: Technical Due Diligence Services

As a tribe of investors, entrepreneurs, and engineers, we place a lot of value on an effective technical foundation. One of the most important steps when evaluating a company Nomads might invest in is our technical due diligence process. For an early stage technology company, a solid technical foundation, and an effective software engineering process can make the difference between success and failure. 

We offer technical due diligence services to investors and companies looking to minimize risk and maximize success.


Over the years, we’ve developed a fast and effective technical due diligence process, which evaluates a company’s foundation for the following attributes:

1. Code & Process Quality

Is the codebase and team process indicative of a mature, effective team?

2. Code Maintainability 

How easy is the codebase to work with? How quickly will this team be able to move going forward? An unmaintainable codebase can hamstring a young company.

3. Code Reusability

What potential pivots can this codebase support? How easily is it repurposed?

4. Potential IP Issues

Is there anything potentially infringing in the codebase? Any legal issues waiting to happen?

5. Potential IP Value

Has the company produced any IP assets beyond the code copyright? Is there something patentable in the codebase, which could serve as a barrier to entry for the competition, or a valuable asset for an exit?

6. Test Coverage 

Will the potential bugs be caught early, or will they leak to the users?

7. Stability 

Does implementing new features risk introducing new bugs, slowing down releases, and impeding iterations?

8. Scalability

Will the codebase buckle under the weight of potential success, or can it be scaled to millions of users?

9. Engineering Team Fit

Do you have the right team for your type of business?
 We look for these things with a combination of techniques, including: code review, architecture analysis, team interviews, development methodology assessment, scalability tests and architecture scalability review.