19 platforms

App was launched on 19 platforms simultaneously including: Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Windows Mobile, and the web.

6 months

“The season starts when the season starts.” We had to deliver exactly on time, with no room for error, which required careful planning, close collaboration with all stakeholders and many cans of redbull.

75k+ content hours

The league’s largest content library available anywhere – breaking news, analysis, game highlights, live interviews, and over 3000 hours of new content published per week.

100M+ fans

Hundreds of millions of rabid fans waiting for season start meant we had to architect for scale, and diligently load test and remove bottlenecks, in order to withstand game day demand.


Help the leading US sports league launch an innovative direct-to-consumer internet video platform designed to help them get ahead of cord-cutting trends. Deliver an ambitious feature set, at massive scale, massive complexity, and with an immovable deadline.

Implement a consistent user experience across all major mobile platforms and connected devices. Orchestrate simultaneous development of middleware services and client platforms, while preparing to meet the scalability and performance requirements of massive season start events.

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Sports Video App


  • Delivered on time and budget
  • Successfully scaled in preparation for opening the floodgates
  • Solid performance during peak demand times
  • Rapid iterations in response to consumer feedback


Personalized recommendations

Massively scalable middleware

Real-time highlights

Live streaming (SVOD + AVOD)

Excellent! If you missed last nights game, don't worry, this app has you covered.

The Fan

Simply stellar performance.

VP of Technology - Top US Sports League