2.8B content items

Myxer users have downloaded 2.85 billion items including songs, ringtones, music videos, wallpapers, apps, games and more, across all major phone operators and carriers.


“Most Innovative Music Service”

50M+ users

At its peak, Myxer mobile properties boasted visits from over 50% of all mobile internet users in the US!

10Tb media library

Myxer’s media library comprised over 10 terabytes of data transcoded on-demand and delivered to all major mobile devices.

Myxer Music Store + Myxer Social Radio

2008 saw the birth of a pioneering mobile music application – the Myxer Music Store. Myxer provided its 50M+ users the tools to download their own customized media right onto their mobile devices. It sold content through deals with partners such as Sony, EMI, Warner Music and Universal. Their advertising clients included household brands like Geico and Ford. Up-and-coming artists including Akon, Paramore and Flo Rida used Myxer’s MobileStage to upload and sell their content directly to consumers.

After changing the way consumers interact with music through their mobile devices, Myxer launched Social Radio in 2011. Myxer Social Radio was a web and mobile application that allowed users to invite friends to their custom themed radio station and even chat about the music while listening to a track. Users also got a real-time activity feed of what their Facebook friends were listening to on Myxer and the option to jump into a friend’s station at any time.

Both Myxer Music Store and Myxer Social Radio were groundbreaking applications of their time, and they both leveraged the skills and capabilities of the Nomads team to deliver their groundbreaking functionality in record time, and at massive scale.

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