Porting iOS app to Android

Porting your app from iOS to Android

While some may consider iOS to be the sexier platform, Android’s popularity is simply too much for most businesses to ignore. After all, it owns the majority of the market share in the US (53%), as well as worldwide (78%).

Android apps should look and act like Android apps

At Nomads we take a holistic approach when it comes to porting your existing iOS application to Android. We leverage the existing information architecture, content and brand style guides, but we design and build your application from the ground up in order to conform to Android platform guidelines.

Platform-specific development & design teams

We find that superior work results from developers and designers understanding and focusing all their energy one specific platform. We believe in platform consistency at the UX level and brand consistency at the UI level. For that reason, we have dedicated Android and iOS teams ready to build or port your mobile application.

Platform consistency lowers cost

Design that leverages the strengths of a specific platform lowers the total cost of development. Conversely, implementing an iPhone-specific navigation paradigm on Android, for example, requires custom code which costs extra to implement, increases the complexity of the codebase, and decreases maintainability.

Platform consistency = user happiness

Android customers are used to Android-specific UX paradigms, and vice versa. A properly designed Android app should feel immediately familiar to an Android user. An Android application which borrows from iPhone will feel out of place, and will require getting used to.

We have helped countless companies of all sizes successfully port their mobile applications from iOS to Android. Contact us to find out more about our mobile application porting services.

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