Tribe founder, Andrej Kostresevic, featured in The Online Reporter

By May 1, 2015Press

The Online Reporter asked Andrej Kostresevic, CEO of Nomads, to shed some light on obstacles to live streaming TV and the future of Internet TV services.

Twin trends in the OTT space are a new push among traditional TV distributors to deliver live linear content online (see: HBO Now, HBO Go, CBS All Access, and Dish Network’s Sling TV); and the tendency for those sites to crash during peak demand. We asked Kostresevic to elucidate what problems these companies are having in their respective live streaming endeavors.

“We watch this very closely and spend a lot of time thinking about it,” Kostresevic said. “The recent problems of crashes during peak demand really shouldn’t be an issue. The scale that [they] are delivering currently is something that should be handled very easily.”

Despite what some media companies would have you believe, Kostresevic said it’s not a technology problem. “It’s not caused by any real limitations in infrastructure – it’s not a problem with the Internet not being ready for prime time,” he said. “It’s a problem of execution, architecture and implementation.”

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