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New Frontier Nomads

From New Frontier Nomads to Nomads

New Frontier Nomads was born four years ago with a simple purpose in mind: create world-changing products at the cusp of the constantly shifting frontiers of technology. To achieve this, we gathered the best mobile engineering talent and set out to join forces with the startups and enterprises that were pursuing the same goal.

Like the nomadic tribes we named ourselves after, we traveled from startup to startup, enterprise to enterprise, collecting the best ideas, tools and practices, and leaving them in our wake as our unique imprint on the organizations we united forces with. Our modest beginnings resulted in immediate momentum with early stage startups: our 2012 cohort raised a combined total of $8M in institutional funding, and our fund peaked at a 30X valuation from our base investment cost. We considered those to be solid early indicators that we were doing something right.

Toward the end of our second year, the Tribe followed the planned path into enterprise opportunities. We helped a major healthcare software company reinvent their product line to take advantage of mobile devices, including an innovative Google Glass demo that enabled doctors to quickly gain awareness of a patient’s needs upon entering the exam room. We developed the flagship internet video product for a major US sports league. Seeing our work on national television and our app’s logo stamped all over McDonalds cups was the icing on the cake. We also assisted a major US broadcast provider reach their audience on the best-selling digital media player. The products we engineered for our clients were used by hundreds of millions of users and generated over a billion in revenue.

Now, nearing the end of our fourth year, we look forward and realize we’ve paddled in front of another wave of opportunity. We see the growing momentum behind the shifting of video content consumption from broadcast to digital, we see the ad budgets following the eyeballs, and we see content rights owners finally taking action and rushing to make their content available to their customers via the internet.

As the OTT video wave is cresting, we realize that our combined track record of building high-scale media delivery platforms over the last decade puts us in a unique position to apply our startup-influenced rapid innovation skills, and our enterprise-forged appetite for massive scale and complexity, to help content owners quickly move this exciting and unavoidable trend along. Our vision is still the same, but our path is now set toward internet video delivery platforms. And, while the New Frontier is always going to be our true north, our name is now shortened to what most of our clients already call us: Nomads.

About Andrej Kostresevic

Andrej is Nomads' CEO and tribe leader. He has over two decades of experience in the software engineering field and two awesome dogs, Kai and Zen.

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