Blockchain Engineering Consultancy

Beneath the frothiness of speculative cryptocurrency trading lies a set of transformative technologies poised to create massive changes in every industry.

The blockchain and the associated rapidly evolving toolkits are already being used to drastically lower costs of money transfers, accounting and settlements, to provide radical transparency and traceability to everything from supply chains to individual reputations, to facilitate automated micro-transacting, to enable self-governing open-source creation of shared value, and we’re just getting started.

What can the Blockchain do for you?

Nomads are a highly accomplished emerging-tech consultancy focused on early detection and adoption of transformative technologies. We guide the early pioneers exploring the new frontiers of human-computer interaction – whether web in the early ’90s, mobile in the mid ’00s, OTT in the mid ’10s, or blockchain, XR and AI today. Our superpower is the ability to quickly identify novel applications of emerging technologies, to existing industries and businesses smart enough to join us as we explore the new frontiers.

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  • Blockchain Product Design
  • Blockchain Engineering Services
  • Private Blockchain Design
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Distributed App Design and Development
  • ICO Consulting Services