50M+ users made "music" and "mobile" synonymous with Myxer Social Radio.

Top US Sports League

trusted Nomads with their flagship video delivery product.

Startup speed. Enterprise scale.

Full service mobile engineering for enterprises that are startups at heart


Complete set of mobile engineering services – under one tent.

We have a strong track record of delivering innovative, complex and massively scalable mobile applications, from ideation all the way to your customer’s hands.

Multi-screen Native Apps

We engineer native mobile applications for all major devices. From phones to tablets, smart watches to TV screens, and desktop websites, we can help you reach your audience –  whenever, wherever.

Internet Video Solutions

Leverage your existing content and reach the growing market segment of cable cutters. Our internet video solutions deliver massively scalable next-generation TV experiences in record time.

UI/UX Design

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, would you? Great design leads to great results. Our interfaces are functional, intuitive and beautiful.

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Great mobile applications can’t be executed without a solid backend. We implement highly scalable middleware architected with each of your target client platforms in mind.

Quality Assurance

From bulletproof test plans to multi-device manual and automated testing – anything to make your product perfect.

 Strategy & Mentorship

We build collaborative multi-disciplinary teams aligned to your organizational strengths. On the technical side, our world-class developers are also world-class teachers who can help you acquire strategically important skill sets quickly.

"As a non-tech guy overseeing a tech team, I needed engineers who could operate in a transparent manner, set expectations and deliver. They did that and more; they became an extension of our internal organization."

− Zach Schwitzky, Newlio

"The Nomads are able to whittle feature requests down to just the core. What is the essence of what these people need? They do it in an Agile, iterative way, breaking down stories into tasks, and measuring difficulty and velocity to arrive at accurate estimates. "

− Richard Grundy, Flomio

"Prior to hiring Nomads, we had experienced some missteps with the folks we had hired. The missteps cost time and money. After finding Nomads, those problems went away. You KNOW they will get the job done."

− Tom Severson, Myxer

Real apps come in all shapes and sizes.

Adapting to you.

Your scale, your speed, your setting! From hoodie-wearing startups to big name brands, we have the know-how to manage any type of project.

High-speed delivery.

Meeting and exceeding your time-to-market goals is as crucial to us as it is to you.

Proven results.

Our apps have been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users and have generated billions in revenue for our partners.

Massive scalability.

When your app is featured in a Super Bowl ad, you know you have to be ready to withstand the eyeballs.