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Full-stack mobile engineering for startups
and enterprises who are startups at heart

What does an innovative remote whiteboard startup have in common with a top US sports league?

They both chose Nomads to bring their flagship products to market and to help them establish a
culture of rapid innovation. Nomads are an award-winning team of cloud and mobile technologists with a strong track record of building high visibility and high scale full-stack mobile platforms.

Our story

Since 2011 Nomads have been gathering top entrepreneurial engineers with the ultimate goal of creating ground-breaking mobile platforms, and the results speak for themselves.

Our startup clients have graduated from world-class accelerator programs such as TechStars; raised a combined total of $8M+; won MTV O Music Awards; been featured by Samsung; and had their apps featured on national television. For enterprise clients–which include healthcare giants, major US sports leagues, broadcast providers, and household brands—Nomads have built apps that generated hundreds of millions in revenue and were featured in Super Bowl ads and major media publications.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a fully established enterprise, the Nomads tribe is ready to spearhead your mobile project into award-winning success.

Join the tribe

Do you like to travel from project to project collecting a wealth of knowledge in the process? Are you a code wanderer that enjoys delving into many languages? You are a Nomad already!

  • Manage your own schedule
  • Lead challenging and exciting projects
  • Collaborate with multi-talented engineers
  • Excel on small, self-directed teams
  • Expand your knowledge base

"The best Nomads are people who can think on their own. On many occasions, I have owned a particular problem, meaning I take the lead on that issue, initiate the conversation with the client, get feedback from my colleagues in development, and communicate with other groups like QA. It’s very empowering and gratifying when, at the end of the day, I know I have made a valuable contribution to the team."

− Michael Maitlen
Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 3.39.55 PM

"Although I've been a Nomad for a while, I've never felt without a home. I communicate better and more efficiently with my team than I ever did in any other office environment. And if it wasn't enough, I get to work with some of the most talented developers I've ever encountered!"

− Julien Verfaillie

"Being a Nomad has allowed me flexibility in managing my personal life with a demanding remote project. What really helps is that Nomads teams collaborate really well, while being as geographically distributed as they are. At other companies its almost impossible for distributed teams to do code-reviews and walk-throughs, whereas these teams do it incredibly effectively every day."

− Malachi de Ælfweald

"I have had the opportunity to work on a small, 4-5-person team within a larger project for a very popular sports league client. There, I have had the chance to really stretch my abilities and collaborate with people who have helped grow my skill set."

− Tony Dieppa


Listen. Design. Deliver.

We Listen

…to what you and your customers have to say

  • Requirements analysis
  • Strategy
  • Product design
  • BI/Metrics analysis
  • Project plan

We Design

…the user experience and underlying architecture

  • User experience design
  • Brand guidelines research
  • Visual design
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Platform design guideline reviews

We Deliver

…software engineering: mobile, connected, cloud, and everything in between

  • Agile sprints
  • Frequent client demos
  • Close collaboration with the stakeholders
  • Continuous integration
  • Support and maintenance
  • BI/analytics review
  • Performance monitoring and scaling

From our clients

"Nomads are able to whittle customer stories or feature requests down to just the core—what is the essence of what these people need? They do it in an Agile, iterative way, breaking down stories into tasks, and measuring difficulty and velocity to arrive at accurate estimates. The estimation only gets better with each iteration. That methodology is ingrained in his organization. I know I’m getting value every two weeks."

− Richard Grundy, CEO, Flomio

"Prior to hiring Nomads, we had experienced some missteps with the folks we had hired. The missteps cost time and money. You end up churning through a lot of people looking for someone who can do the job. We just wanted to find talented engineers who can execute. After finding Nomads, those problems went away. You KNOW they will get the job done."

− Tom Severson, CFO, Myxer

"Nomads were like a breath of fresh air. As a non-tech guy overseeing a tech team, I needed engineers who could operate in a transparent manner, set expectations, and deliver. Nomads did that and more by helping us break down our wish list into bite-sized chunks and work only on a “minimum viable product.” It wasn’t like we hired a service provider; instead, Nomads became an extension of our internal organization. Plus, I found it easier to communicate with them while working remotely than with other folks in my same office."

− Zach Schwitzky, CEO, Newlio

Hire the tribe

Nomads have a deep bench of proven engineers who deliver innovation. We are always looking to partner with clients who want to build mobile platforms that support worldchanging new businesses. To learn more about how Nomads can help your company give us a shout and let’s talk.

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True to our name, Nomads live and work all over the place, either remotely from their hometown or onsite at a client. We are headquartered in Miami and Los Angeles.